Designing the Butcher Block Countertops

Kitchen for many people is not merely the place to cook and prepare the meals for the family, but this will also be the place to do fun things with the other family members. While making it comfortable is one way, the other way that you could do for the kitchen is to make it with the personalized styles. And if you want something unique and different, the butcher block countertops should be used for this. This is the kind of countertops that will resemble the butcher’s which you usually see in the supermarket. This will make your kitchen really unique and different.

How to Design the Butcher Block Countertops

The very first thing that you will need for this is the square tiles with the plain colors that will be installed on the kitchen countertops as the main surface for it. Make sure that the size of the tiles will not be very big and the surface will be slick and suitable for kitchen activities. Then, you should also have some cements that should be used to stick the butcher block countertops on the old countertops table. If you want, you could also add some marble materials for the lower part of the countertops to give better look for the kitchen.

butcher block countertops 2016

Then, you will need to install the tiles on the countertops with the help of the cements that you have had before. Make sure that you have cleaned the stone surface of the countertops so that the new countertops will have smoother textures to it. Also, you should really know the dimension of the countertops so that you can plan how much tiles you will need for the job.

butcher block countertops image

The other important thing that you should know for this is how you should put the tiles for the butcher block countertops. Usually, you will be able to place them freely if you only use one color or create a mosaic look for the eclectic colored tiles.